Barrio on the Edge/Caras viejas y vino nuevo

Alejandro Morales


Clásicos Chicanos/ Chicano Classics #10

bilingual edition

introduction and English translation by Francisco A. Lomeli

In Alejandro Morales's classic novel, available for the first time in a bilingual format, contemporary barrio life is seen through the eyes of two teenage boys—the self-destructive and irresponsible Julian and his friend and admirer Mateo. These two viewpoints come to represent larger conflicts within a community in which the shared values of friendship, family, and religion are menaced by generational conflicts, violence, and drugs. The volume includes a bibliography of works by and about Morales.

"This book will stun you with its stark depiction of a lost, disenfranchised world." —Hispanic

About the Author

Alejandro Morales, regarded as one of the leading Chicano novelists, is a full professor at the University of California, Irvine. Other works include The Brick People (1988), and The Rag Doll Plagues (1992).