The Day the Cisco Kid Shot John Wayne

Nash Candelaria


Told with wit, humor, and occasional irreverence, these stories range from a delightful reminiscence of growing up a “hyphenated American” with roots in both worlds, to the tale of a young New Mexican bank clerk who fights his own special struggle between the old ways and the new.

". . . his stories are especially successful in their probing of human emotions and vulnerability." - Western American Literature

About the Author

Nash Candelaria has been described as the historical novelist of the Hispanic people of New Mexico. His five novels, hailed as landmarks in Hispanic literature, include Memories of the Alhambra, a seminal novel in Chicano literature; Not by the Sword, an American Book Award winner; Inheritance of Strangers; Leonor Park; and A Daughter's a Daughter. His short stories have appeared in a number of literary magazines and anthologies as well as in two collections. He and his wife live in Santa Fe, New Mexico.