Metropolitan Cultures and Ethnic Identities in the Americas
Martin Butler, Jens Martin Gurr, Olaf Kaltmeier


Cities are highly complex and dynamic systems that are not only habitats for the majority of people and economic and political centers linking peripheral regions with globalizing markets, but that also function as nuclei for the hybridization of cultures and as "laboratories" for the formation, reformation, and transformation of ethnic selves and communities. From a number of different disciplinary perspectives—ranging from literary and cultural studies via history and sociology to urban geography—this collection of scholarly essays addresses the intricate relationship between urban environments and ethnicity in the Americas. The third in the series, EthniCities provides both theoretical approaches and case studies on a variety of urban regions to come to a better understanding of how the infrastructural, economic, political, social, and cultural parameters contribute to shaping or reshaping individual and group ethnic identities.

Inter-American Studies/Estudios Interamericanos

Copublished by WVT Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier and Bilingual Review Press in collaboration with the Inernational Association of Inter-American Studies, this interdisciplinary series creates a forum for a critical academic dialogue between North and South on the cultures, societies, and histories of the Americas, promoting an inter-American paradigm that shifts the scholarly focus from methodological nationalism to the wider context of the Western Hemisphere.

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