Interculturalism in North America

Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Beyond
Josef Raab, Alexander Greiffenstern


Interculturalism has been and continues to be the American way of life. While this book concentrates on Canada, the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean—with some cross-references to Brazil—interculturalism does not stop there. A global phenomenon, it calls for a transdisciplinary and transnational academic approach.

This volume distinguishes three main ways of dealing with difference in intercultural scenarios: (1) a transcultural approach that focuses on the interaction of cultural practices, (2) a reinforcement of cultural distinctiveness that resists interpenetration and amalgamation, and (3) a return to spaces, communities, histories, or cultural practices that results in their rediscovery as different. While the introduction to this book discusses the theoretical dimensions of interculturalism, the fourteen subsequent essays explore intercultural materials, practices, and policies in the context of “transculturality,” “difference,” and “rediscovery.” They are followed by interviews with four practitioners of interculturalism: Ana Castillo, Helena María Viramontes, Santa Barraza, and Bryan Mulvihill.

“[A] publication . . . worth reading time and again. . . . [The] impressive range of perspectives adds to the value of this study. In brief, highly readable information that sticks to the point and avoids generalities.” —Rolando Hinojosa-Smith, University of Texas at Austin

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