From Labor to Letters

Miguel Méndez


Translated by David William Foster. This English translation of Entre letras y ladrillos, an autobiographical novel written in the best of Miguel Méndez's baroque and conceptually intense style, evokes one of the most remarkable life histories of this century. Using his own "status as a Mexican Indian, wetback, and Chicano" as a yardstick, he takes us on a personal and collective voyage that culminates on a remarkable day in 1986 when he exchanged his job of full-time construction worker for that of full professor at the University of Arizona.

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About the Author

Miguel Méndez was born in Bisbee, Arizona, in 1930. His works include Los criaderos humanos (poetry, 1975), Cuentos para niños traviesos (1979), El Sueño de Santa María de las Piedras (novel, 1986), De la vida y del folclore de la frontera (1986), Que no mueran los sueños (short stories, 1991, winner of the José Fuentes Mares National Literature Prize in Mexico), Peregrinos de Aztlán (4th edition, 1991, Bilingual Press), and Los muertos también cuentan (novel, 1995).