Night Watch

Reinaldo Bragado Bretaña


English translation of the novel La noche vigilada. Translated by David William Foster.

Night Watch is the story of a writer who has endured political imprisonment for writing unacceptable to the Castro regime in Cuba. His nocturnal wanderings in Havana lead him from a colonial cafe where he begins an intense romance with a young woman to an unforeseen trip on a raft across the Straits of Florida to Miami, the second capital of Cuba. Accompanied by his lover and two others fleeing the Castro regime, he becomes part of the exile community in Miami where he is lost, without a compass, struggling to create a way of life that will help him deal with the pain of exile. In Spanish. "La noche vigilada no es la primera novela política de Bragado, pero sí es una novela en la quel el patriotismo cubano deja en el paladar un sabor de solidaridad y combate."—Diario Las Americas

About the Author

Reinaldo Bragado Bretaña was born in Havana, Cuba, where he worked as a high school teacher of history. In 1979, while attempting to flee the country, he was arrested and sentenced to two years in prison. In 1981 he was released and ordered to work cutting lawns in Old Havana. He Joined the Human Rights Committee of Cuba, an organization outlawed by the regime but recognized by the United Nations, and sent articles and poetry to other countries for publication. In 1988, the Castro regime expelled him and he moved to the United States, where he worked for ten years hosting a radio show on Radio Martí. He now works freelance writing newspaper columns and television scripts, and he is also a commentator on Radio Martí and Radio Nacional de Colombia.