Traces, a book of poetry

Danny Romero


In simple, wistful verse, Danny Romero gives us a glimpse into a man who recognizes the connections between himself and his world. He acknowledges his noble ancestral roots, and he juxtaposes them with memories of a harsh youth in the barrios of 1970s Los Angeles. These accessible and straightforward poems explore topics that are decidedly not. The poet points to the uncertainty of life, facing the daunting and the delightful with equal honesty, and touches on a depth of emotion we desperately want to understand. Romero expertly yet lightly reveals that the richest parts of life are often small and fleeting, challenging us to appreciate them.

“In Danny Romero’s Traces, the reader travels through years and miles of memories. Successfully eschewing sentimentalism, Romero’s volume sustains a cunning tension between harsh nostalgia and reflective realism.” —“SPC Poetry Now” newsletter


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About the Author

Danny Romero was born and raised in Los Angeles. He earned his BA from the University of California at Berkeley and his MA from Temple University in Philadelphia. His poems and short stories have been published widely in journals and anthologies throughout the United States and in Spain.