Triumph of Our Communities: Four Decades of Mexican American Art

Gary D. Keller, Amy Phillips


With more than 600 full-color images, this generously sized coffee-table book celebrates the art organizations that have promoted Mexican American art and have served as art education centers for their communities.

“Even by coffee-table standards, Triumph of Our Communities: Four Decades of Mexican American Art is super sized. . . . At slightly larger than 11” x 14” and [332] glossy pages . . . the book contains samples of works of hundreds of Hispanic artists from throughout the United States. . . . The quality and variety of art in Triumph reinforces the fact that although the Georgia O’Keefes, Will Shusters, Larry Bells, and Raymond Jonsons of the world have achieved star status, there are many Hispanic artists in our midst who deserve similar acclaim.... I recommend getting out and seeing the real thing. But I also recommend getting this book. The quality of the reproductions in Triumph is the next best thing to seeing the works in person.”  Dan Herrera, Assistant Managing Editor, Albuquerque Journal

Triumph is indeed a TRIUMPH. Big, bold and beautiful, your research was remarkable in turning up so much art that none of us had ever seen. You have established a reference resource that will be invaluable for all of those studying contemporary art and more specifically Mexican American art.”  James Prigoff, Sacramento, CA

“I love this book. Every time I open it, it envelops me in visual joy!”  Manuel Gómez, Chancellor of Student Affairs, University of California, Irvine