Zapata Lives!

Gary D. Keller


Emiliano Zapata rises from the dead to lead his people in their struggle against economic and social oppression in a novel that closely parallels the political situation. Also features a glossary of Spanish terms, photographs, and some of Zapata’s more important manifestos.

About the Author

Gary D. Keller is Regents’ Professor and director of Arizona State University's Hispanic Research Center where he has worked tirelessly to improve and promote interests important to the Hispanic and Latino communities. He has a Ph.D. from Columbia University (1971) and is a native speaker of English and Spanish. A prolific author, Dr. Keller has written more than 30 books and over 100 articles on scholarship and creative literature, particularly pertaining to Mexican American and Latino literature, film, visual arts, linguistics, and language policy, and his work has been translated into numerous languages.