Barrio on the Edge/Caras viejas y vino nuevo


Barrio on the Edge/Caras viejas y vino nuevo presents contemporary barrio life through the eyes of two teenaged boys–the self-destructive and irresponsible Julián, and Mateo, his friend and admirer. These two viewpoints come to represent larger conflicts within a community in which the shared values of friendship, family, and religion are menaced by generational conflicts and the increasing role of violence, drugs, and brutal sexuality in barrio life. Avant-garde in style, the novel blends characters and voices, plays with time, and twists the narrative to create an image of an inner city in crisis. The Spanish is paired with a new English translation by Francisco A. Lomelí prepared with the author's collaboration. The volume includes an introduction by the translator and a bibliography of works by and about Morales.

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Alejandro Morales
Francisco A. Lomelí
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Alejandro Morales is regarded as one of the leading Chicano novelists. He grew up in East Los Angeles and earned degrees at California State University at Los Angeles and Rutgers University. He is currently a full professor at the Univeristy of California, Irvine. Other works include La Verdad sin voz (1979), translated as Death of an Anglo (1988); Reto en el paraíso (1983); The Brick People (1988); and The Rag Doll Plagues (1992).

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