Gathering Words/Recogiendo palabras


María Luisa Arroyo's Gathering Words/Recogiendo palabras gives a voice to the oppressed, the abused, and the forgotten. It speaks from the battered women's shelters and from inside homes that hide domestic violence and child abuse. Laying bare the stark realities of life with verses that are alternately elegant, blunt, and rich with vivid imagery, Arroyo writes with spine-tingling candor that does not allow us to deny the truth. Shaped by her family's background in Puerto Rican music, her poems are reminiscent of folk songs with their narrative storytelling and activist representation of the disenfranchised, disillusioned, and neglected. This is Arroyo's first full-length collection of poems.

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María Luisa Arroyo
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María Luisa Arroyo is an educator and self-taught poet who was academically trained in German language and literature at Colby, Tufts, and Harvard. She was awarded a 2004 Massachusetts Cultural Council poetry grant, and in 2006 she first prize for the poem "Ganas de bailar" in the Springfield (MA) Public Library Poetry Contest. Arroyo's recent publications include poems in the journals PALABRA: Chicano and Latino Literary Art (2008), Silkworm (2007), Nuevas Literaturas PuertoNeorriqueñas (2005), Phoebe: Gender & Cultural Critiques (2005), and Facets: A Literary Magazine (2004).

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