La lira de la ira and some irate lyrics


Santiago Daydí-Tolson’s latest poetry collection is a meditation on life and the human condition. Compiled from works written over three decades, it documents his devotion to writing poetry as an intimate intellectual and spiritual discipline. The poems, written mostly in Spanish but with some in English, tap into the haunting enchantment of the physical world and commune with all manner of terra’s creatures. Above all, Daydí-Tolson develops the lyrics of expression, communication, misdirection, and paradox. His aesthetically communicative use of poetic language provides the reader with an emotional understanding of the human spirit and its conflicts. 

“The poet’s soul is haunted and melancholy, his mythology a profound personal theology, his two-sided, double-talking tongue as sharp as a scalpel slashing witticisms.” —Gary Francisco Keller “El Huitlacoche,” author of Real Poetría

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Santiago Daydí-Tolson
Author Bio: 

Born in Viña del Mar, Chile, in 1943, Santiago Daydí-Tolson received his PhD from the University of Kansas in 1973. Since then he has taught at Fordham University, the University of Virginia, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He now teaches Spanish, Latin American, and comparative literature at the University of Texas at San Antonio. His academic publications include several books as well as numerous articles and book reviews. He is the founder and editor of the electronic journal Convivium Artium, devoted to the study of food representation in literature and the arts. He also writes a Spanish-language blog at His literary publications include a novel, Under the Walnut Tree (MediaIsla, 2013), and Insectarium (ALJA Ediciones, 2014), a poetry book.

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