Latinos in Lotusland

An Anthology of Contemporary Southern California Literature

Editor Daniel A. Olivas assembled a cadre of literary luminaries and up-and-coming authors to provide powerful and mesmerizing tales with complex characters that represent the diversity of Southern California. We meet young and old, gay and straight, rich and poor, the newly arrived and the well established. There's a screenwriter pitching an idea and a woman struggling with barrio life, youths trying to avoid gang life and others embracing it. We encounter aggressive jounalists, cement pourers, drunken folklórico dancers, curanderos, aging artists, wrestling saints, and many, many others, all set on the stage of Los Angeles. Contributors include Kathleen Alcalá, Frederick Luis Aldama, Lisa Alvarez, Victorio Barragán, Daniel Chacón, Kathleen de Azevedo, Alex Espinoza, Rudy Ch. Garcia, Estella González, Melanie González, Rigoberto González, Reyna Grande, Stephen D. Gutiérrez, Álvaro Huerta, Michael Jaime-Becerra, Manuel Luis Martinez, Alejandro Morales, Manuel Muñoz, Daniel A. Olivas, Melinda Palacio, Salvador Plascencia, Manuel Ramos, Sandra Ramos O'Briant, Wayne Rapp, John Rechy, Luis J. Rodríguez, Danny Romero, Conrad Romo, Jorge Saralegui, Jennifer Silva Redmond, Mario Suárez, Luis Alberto Urrea, Richard Vásquez, and Helena María Viramontes.

“Latinos in Lotusland (Bilingual Press), edited by Daniel A. Olivas, is a wonderful anthology that samples contemporary Chicano literature from Southern California. What will surprise and delight its readers is the great variety of work from Chicano and Chicana writers. The panoply of characters includes pachucos, people of paper, lonely strangers, small-time journalists solving mysteries, and concrete finishers proving themselves with guts and guile in the world of work.” —Sergio Troncoso, El Paso Times

“Long overdue, Latinos in Lotusland is a literary GPS guide to El Pueblo de la Reina de Los Angeles, aka the city of Angeles as seen through Latino—mostly Mexican American and Chicano—writing. . . . And, oh, the places they will take you.” — Gregg Barrios, special to the San Antonio Express-News

"Latinos in Lotusland is an engrossing anthology that shines a luminous light on Los Angeles. This collective vision of life, passion, and culture is a literary achievement. Highly recommended for any serious reader who loves the City of Angels." —Max Benavídez, award-winning author of Gronk.

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