Screening the Americas /Proyectando las Américas

Narration of Nation in Documentary Film/Narración de la nación en el cine documental

The first volume in the series, this collection of essays addresses the role of documentary film in negotiations of national identity throughout the Western Hemisphere. Twenty essays by scholars from Latin America, the United States, and Europe analyze narrations of nation in this genre, focusing on documentary film as a political medium, representations of the margins of the nation, postmodern documentary aesthetics, the function of documentaries in terms of cultural memory, and recent revisions of documentary film history. In a concluding section, four renowned filmmakers from Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, and the United States discuss their own approaches to constructing imagined communities in the practice of documentary filmmaking. This volume contains essays in both English and Spanish.

Inter-American Studies/Estudios Interamericanos

Copublished by WVT Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier and Bilingual Review Press in collaboration with the Inernational Association of Inter-American Studies, this interdisciplinary series creates a forum for a critical academic dialogue between North and South on the cultures, societies, and histories of the Americas, promoting an inter-American paradigm that shifts the scholarly focus from methodological nationalism to the wider context of the Western Hemisphere.

Josef Raab, Sebastian Thies, Daniela Noll-Opitz
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