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VG Got Her Green Card poster


The Hispanic Research Center at Arizona State University is pleased to offer a high-quality poster featuring Isabel Martínez's serigraph VG Got Her Green Card. The work has been included in many exhibitions, among them at the Mesa Southwest Museum, Mexican Cultural Institute Los Angeles, and California State University Channel Islands. The poster is 36" x 24".

Poster unsigned: $20.00

Poster signed: $50.00

To order this poster, phone toll free (866) 965-3867 or email

Isabel Martínez
Author Bio: 

Isabel Martínez came to California from Mexico in the early 1980s to pursue a better life for herself, and much of her artwork is an expression of her life as an immigrant. She is acutely aware of the difficulties faced by a Mexican trying to fit in with the majority culture without losing her soul. In this piece, she depicts the Virgin of Guadalupe's experiences as identical to those of so man immigrants who have come to this country.

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