The Key to the Garden poster

ISBN: 1004

The Hispanic Research Center is pleased to offer a high-quality poster featuring Alfredo Arreguín's painting The Key to the Garden. Aggreguín says he was inspired to create the piece when Regent's Professor and Hispanic Research Center director Gary Francisco Keller began the Saint Francis and the Americas/San Francisco y las Americas project, a cooperative effort by and for those interested in Saint Francis of Assisi, Franciscanism, and their effects on Hispanics in particular.

Long having used images of the Madonna as a symbol for his love of nature, Arreguín realized that Francis of Assisi was a perfect male symbol for his themes of stewardship and care for the world around us. The result was the masterful piece that now graces a wall at Arizona State University. The Key to the Garden has the luminous quality of a stained-glass window. The artist included a golden cross to symbolize love, the key that opens the gates of the Garden of Eden. The faces surrounding the main figure of Saint Francis represent humanity, the butterflies signify the spirits of the dead, and the birds denote a celestial choir bringing the sweet sound of angels’ music to the magical garden.

The poster is 36" x 24".

Price: $20.00

About the Author

Alfredo Arreguín was born in 1935 in Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico. He has lived in Seattle for decades and is nationally and internationally recognized as an artist of profound originality and importance. Arreguín excels in his use of color, line, light, and layered patterning. To learn more about this exceptionally talented Chicano artist and this poster, download this brochure.